Karbon Gallery

Constructed as an art space aiming to bring contemporary art and art lovers together, Artnext Istanbul Contemporary Art Space opened in 2012 at its venue in Windowist Tower, Maslak.  As of 2016, Artnext Istanbul continues to be an art space where contemporary art meets daily life, as KARBON GALLERY.

Getting its name from the carbon element which is the consistuent of all life, Karbon Gallery set off believing that art is also one of life’s consistuents. Along with its new formation, Karbon Gallery intends to aggregate daily life and contemporary art. Same as carbon's ability to bond and form new compounds, in today's artworld contemporary art has diversified and formed into a new and versatile entity where Karbon Gallery aims to incorporate its newest compounds and create a place for art lovers to retreat from the stress of working life to meet art.

Karbon Gallery,  has been supporting young, talented and promising artists to execute their projects since it was founded; concurrently with guiding its mission of integrating art and inhabitants of the hectic work life in Maslak area where Karbon Gallery is located.

Windowist Tower 

Windowist Tower, a registered trade mark of Akdag Tourism and Construction Ltd., has been established by the Akdag Family, who has contributed to industrialization and development of Middle Anatolia in particular by their efforts in educational and cultural areas as well as their ready mixed concrete and cement investments since 1973. Windowist Tower and Karbon Gallery has hosted 29 exhibitions since the gallery’s founding in 2012, at Windowist Tower’s 26-storied plaza, which provides serviced offices in Maslak business district.

Set on the junction of a daily mean of  450.000 vehicular and 25.000 pedestrian traffick, Windowist Tower and Karbon Gallery hold a significant place on the Maslak art map with its 140 square meter exhibition area and 100 square meter Art Lounge area. In addition to their contemporary exhibitions, along with Windowist Tower and Windowist Tower Conference Center, Karbon Gallery offers their visitors a  high-end gallery experience and a Contemporary Art Space , above the conventional contemporary art gallery experience with their events such as Contemporary Art Seminars, workshops, private meetings and celebrations and launches and conferences.


In addition to their exhibition program of 2017 – 2018 art season, Windowist Tower – Karbon Gallery also supports the 15th Istanbul Biennial as a Biennial Supporter.